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Bank deposits


If the penalty is paid within 32 days from the date of service, the total discounted amount, as shown on the front of this notice, must be paid.
Payments may be made:

1. At the following banks:

- By cash deposits or bank guaranteed cheque at any branch of ABSA bank. The account number is not specified on the notice.  The teller must use the “Traffic Fine” payment option on the terminal.   The    account number must not be entered.  Ensure that the cashier do not enter an account number onto the deposit slip.

- For ABSA bank and FNB bank clients only at ATM, internet banking or cell phone banking.

2. By cash deposit or bank guaranteed cheque at any:

- Post Office. Ensure that an electronic receipt is issued.

- Approved pay points; or

- Motor vehicle registration and licensing office; or

- Driving licence testing centre; or

- Issuing Authority. 


warningBe sure to specify the Infringement Notice number on your payment.


The Infringement Notice number can be found in the top right corner on your Infringement Notice, as well as next to each charge on the AARTO 01 notices. If you do not correctly specify the Infringement Notice number, the payment cannot be recorded against your Infringement Notice, and your Infringement will be processed as if you have not paid.

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a letter specifying:

- The number of demerit points added to your driving record.

- The total number of demerit points you have accumulated to date.

- The points level at which your driving licence, professional driving permit of operator card will be suspended or cancelled.

warningPayment for AARTO 01 charges should be made per charge, the Infringement Notice number next to the particular charge should be used as reference.