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Go to court


You may elect to be tried in court when issued with an Infringement Notice, when you receive a Courtesy Letter, or when your representation for an infringement fails. If however you've committed an offence, you are tried in court by default.
When you notify the Agency of your intention to be tried in court the Infringement Notice will be cancelled and a summons issued and served on the alleged infringer to appear in court.

To elect to be tried in court, you have to give notice by completing form AARTO 10 and submit it to the RTIA Unit in the prescribed manner indicated on the form.You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt on form AARTO 05 that your notification has been received.

  • The court receives notification of court cases by way of the court roll and all associated control documents from AARTO. Thereafter the infringer is served with a summons to appear in court at the address indicated on form AARTO 10, stating the date and time set for the hearing.
  • Once a case has been heard, the court informs AARTO accordingly of the result.
  • Should service of the Summons fail due to a fictitious address having been supplied on the AARTO 10, the process reverts back to AARTO for the issuing of an Enforcement Order.
  • If you fail to appear in court and the case is not postponed, AARTO is informed by the court and an Enforcement Order is issued.
  • Should the assigned prosecutor decline to prosecute you, AARTO is informed accordingly on form AARTO 11 in accordance with Regulation 9(3). The form may be sent via mail, fax or hand delivery from the court.

 Use the service below to exercise the option and to complete the forms.